No Idea Festival 2018

By No Idea Festival (other events)

4 Dates Through Feb 24, 2018

We celebrate our 15th edition of No Idea Festival by bringing together a selection of artists whose work and participation in the festival has played an important role in our development. These artists will be joined by musicians from around the world performing in the festival for the first time.

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Thomas Lehn || analog synthesizer → vienna
Marcus Schmickler || electronics → cologne
Judith Hamann || cello → melbourne
Bonnie Jones || electronics → baltimore
Tetuzi Akiyama || guitar → tokyo
Greg Saunier || drumset → baltimore
Akira Sakata || alto saxophone, clarinet, voice → tokyo
Marshall Trammell || drumset → kansas city
Bhob Rainey || soprano saxophone, computer → philadelphia
Birgit Ulher || trumpet, radio, objects → hamburg
Juanjosé Rivas || electronics → mexico city
Juan García || double bass → mexico city
- - || percussion, electronics, text → vancouver
Sean O'Neill || electronics, light → austin
Damon Smith || double bass → boston
Liz Tonne || voice → dallas
Chris Cogburn || percussion, electronics → austin / mexico city

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